Health Care Reform Bill

October 27th, 2014 by admin

2009 Health Care Reform Bill

Since the election of President Obama, the issue of health care reform has been on the forefront.  There are currently 46 Million Americans that do not have health insurance either by choice or do not have the ability to get it.  In addition, health care costs across the United States have increased at an annual rate of 6.1% since 1990 and are currently at $2.2 trillion as of 2007.

The bill that has been passed by the House committee is the America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009.  This proposal would provide a new option for health insurance provided by the government as well as further regulation of the private insurance companies.  This bill would also create an exchange to show the cost and features of every health care provider side by side to give Americans and businesses an easy way to make a decision on which health care provider they would like to go with.

The health care bill is currently out of committee and scheduled to be voted on after Congress comes back from their recess ending in November.

Health Care Bill Highlights

– Prohibits any insurer from excluding coverage due to preexisting conditions
– Guarantees coverage to all individuals and employers and automatic renewal of coverage
– Variances in premiums will only be determined by age, area, or family enrollment
– Health Care Providers can not have an annual or lifetime coverage limit
– Limits out of pocket expenses to $5,000 for individuals and $10,000 for a family
– Requires all employers with business payroll over $250,000 to provide insurance to employees
– Imposes an additional tax on individuals not enrolled in a health care plan
– Expands Medicaid to cover individuals and families that make 133% of the federal poverty level
– Helps fill a gap in the Medicare Part D drug program

Opponents Clash In Town Halls Across The Country

As the debate about health care reform heats up more people are voicing their opinions. It seems that there are many sides to this issue. Not many deny that health care costs are out of control and access is limited. The point of contention seems to a question of trust. The current system of health care delivery is a cascading failure driven by the quest for profit from every hand that touches it. Insurers, Big Pharma, Corporate Health Care Providers, and Wealth-Driven Malpractice Suits ravage the system an leaves little but cost driven decisions for the patient to contend with.

Daily confrontations between opposing viewpoints echo fear and distrust. There are those would continue to let profits dictate their health care decisions and remain with the status quo. For those that are already financially locked out of the system that is not a solution. Then there are others that would turn over their health care decisions to a single-payer government bureaucracy. For those remember their last trip to the post office or drivers license bureau it is a looming nightmare

A Question Of Trust

Healthcare is not a luxury, it is a basic need that every citizen should have access to. Not all phases of our lives should be controlled by the free market and profit motives. This is one of those issues that should not. Choosing who makes our individual health care decisions is the real debate. The problem is that we cannot agree on who we should trust for this. Do we trust the corporate interests that have brought us to the breaking point? Absolutely not. Or should we trust a cold and uncaring beauacracy whose thirst for control over our daily lives seems unquenchable. Absolutely not.

There is only entity suitable for this. The one that benefits or suffers from the decisions made. There is only one organization that can and should be responsible to make life and death decisions for an individual. That is the individual themself. Only the patient guided by the informed advice of their personal physician can and should be in charge of making health care decisions. In the final analysis this is a question of trust.

The time for health care reform has come. As individuals we need to find a way to rebuild the doctor-patient relationship as the guiding organization for health care decisions. This very small group that makes the face-to-face decisions based on factors that profit cannot see is who should back be in control.

Unfortunately this will mean implementing changes that will eliminate the $25 aspirin, multi-million dollar insurance CEO salaries, and lottery-like malpactice rewards. It will also mean that everyone will be eligible regardless of their current health. Costs should be based on a national experience pool rather than state or company specific selective pools. There are many ways to control costs without turning our health decisions over to the government.

The health care reform debate that is taking place is long over due. If we take the time to carefully consider our positions rather than echo the chants of special interests on either side of this debate we can find a solution. When we finally vote on a compromise, perhaps for once congress could have a special session at night – when the lobbyists are asleep.

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November 30th, 2014 by admin

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Health Care Blog Feedback

July 11th, 2011 by admin

Thank you for participating in the Have a Voice: Shape the Future of Health Care in Whatcom County forum held on Friday June 24th. The Whatcom Alliance for Healthcare Access (WAHA) is committed to fostering community participation in developing sound health care policies. This forum was the first step in building the relationships necessary to ensure that people outside the health care system are involved in helping design a system that is truly accountable to our entire community.

Thank you for sharing your voice.
Your voice was shared with over 200 concerned citizens who participated in the June forum. Great ideas were generated from a wide range of perspectives including: education, emergency services, parent groups, community-based organizations, health care administrators and professionals, elected officials and many more. The slides from the speakers, the notes from the discussion groups, and the summary slides can all be found here.

For those who were unable to complete the forum evaluation at the end of the day, you can still do so electronically by clicking on the link and completing the online survey.

Stay involved!
Health care is changing across the nation, and it is changing right here in our community as well. There are many different ways you can continue your participation in this change.

Start up your own discussion: Follow-up on the connections you made at the forum with other community members who share your concern or passion about a specific topic or issue. We encourage you to continue these conversations on an ongoing basis to share your knowledge and experience.

Join WAHA’s Project, Transforming Health Care in Whatcom County: The purpose of this project is to reshape the future of health care in Whatcom County. The project is in need of a greater voice from patients, families and people working outside or alongside the healthcare system. WAHA continues to seek volunteers for the Community Organizing Group for Health. If you are interested, or would like to learn more, please contact us.

Visit our blog: Stay up-to-date by subscribing to our blog, where you will find information about health care reform. Or visit our website to sign up for our e-newsletter and receive regular updates from WAHA.

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Health Care Reform Timeline

May 21st, 2011 by admin

The urgent need for health care reform has become a major issue in political, social and business arenas. Lawmakers at both the state and federal levels have proposed a vast array of solutions for providing healthcare to an estimated 48 million uninsured Americans. Meanwhile, the rising cost of health insurance is pushing growing numbers of middle-class workers and small business owners into abandoning adequate healthcare coverage.

But there is reason to be optimistic. Today a general consensus exists among our elected officials that something must be done. Even so, there remains a lack of a common vision as to how healthcare reform should be accomplished and implemented.

For example, in Massachusetts, buying health insurance is now mandatory, but the premiums being offered by private insurance companies are seen to be too expensive for the average state resident’s budget of putting the plan into effect. And on a federal level, lawmakers like Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-MA) believe a single-payer plan such as Medicare may be the best solution for providing universal coverage. Others believe private insurers are best positioned to implement such coverage.

Our mission is to track these developments and their related issues on a national and statewide level with the primary goal of keeping our subscribers informed and ahead of the curve about what’s happening in the restructuring of the health care system. This unique online news service will carefully analyze all relevant issues, closely follow all pertinent legislative initiatives, and provide you with the kind of proprietary, cutting-edge insight not available anywhere else.

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